Boost Your Business with Live Chat on Your Website

Could your business benefit from a live chat function on your website? You have likely encountered and used a website’s live chat box to ask a question or resolve an issue. Live chat is a website upgrade that could boost sales and customer engagement. Just think of how many customers now rely on websites for information or…

Unfolding the Scroll: Analyzing Scrolling Behaviors on Web Pages

Recently, web usability consultant Jakob Nielsen conducted a study on how scrolling web pages affect attention spans of Internet users. He stressed the importance of keeping your most relevant and vital information within a page’s initially viewable area, otherwise known as “above the fold”. Above the Fold This term comes from the newspaper industry; important…

Responsive Website Design

Does the website phrase responsive design translate to good website design? Even if the graphical elements of the web page automatically re-size to the screen size, these adjusting display elements do not mean that the end user is interacting with a more effective user interface and screen design. Nor do these display-adjustments mean that the…

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