Mary Stewart author

Businesses Maximize Social Media Reach with Tools such as Likeable Local

Social media’s potential in the business world is undeniable. Everywhere you look, you see people looking at their digital devices; they are keeping up with friends and current events, getting directions to specialty stores, and researching products they are considering purchasing. When it comes to social media, how do you get their attention? At any given…

Mary Stewart author

Effectively Use Hashtags in Digital Marketing

Ten years ago, most people still called this ‘#’ a pound sign. Officially labelled a “hashtag” in 2007, the little sign has become a powerful and effective tool in social media and digital marketing. On social media, users assign hashtags to start conversations. Businesses use the hashtag in the same way; they increase awareness of their brands and…

Types of Good Social Media Content to Post

Understanding what is good social media content to post on social media platforms can be a challenging endeavor, one to concentrate on seriously. It is important to first plan and schedule your social media posting so that you are not scrambling each day to decide what to post. Map out a plan at least one…

How Has Social Media Evolved Over the Last 10 Years?

In the beginning social media acted as one-way communication; an individual had a profile page that they could make their “own” and have others view, but offered no way for people to publicly converse. Consider, for example, Myspace, a network/website for people to connect with each other but ultimately was solely a source for creating…

What Should A Company Aim to Achieve With Social Media?

A business or company can achieve a large return on investment when utilizing social media platforms effectively. The more exposure you gain for your business helps raise awareness of your product and/or services and the more people see what you have to offer, the more likely you are to receive clients. Social media websites handle…

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