Mary Stewart author

Increase Conversions with Dedicated Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is more likely to send people to your site than a digital ad because today, people search for specific things that they are looking for on search engines. When the search engine results page (SERP) displays the relevant pages, they choose the one that most interests them. To convert those visitors into…

Mary Stewart author

Digital Marketing: Expand your Reach with Digital Advertising

In this age of digital marketing, many question the best use of resources to reach prospective customers. Digital advertising is the obvious choice, but even within that broad category many choices exist: PayPerClick (PPC) ads, social media ads, video ads, local search advertising and more. So how does a business owner decide which forms of…

Mary Stewart author

Use a Strong Content Marketing Strategy to Reach your Target Audience

Content Marketing allows small businesses to publish their own work or express their thoughts and opinions about other ideas that have been circulated. This input grants entry into the world of your target audience. Small businesses become influencers in their target community by consistently providing useful, relevant and helpful content for their audience. In order…

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