Entrepreneur Magazine Radio Interviews WSI President Ron McArthur About Recent Jump in Franchise 500

WSI Internet Consulting & Education President Ron McArthur was a recent guest on Entrepreneur Magazine’s radio program to discuss WSI’s standing in the magazine’s 26th annual Franchise 500 listing. During the interview, radio host Lee Mirabal highlighted WSI’s fourth #1 ranking in the Internet Services category in a row, and WSI’s jump to the 53rd top franchise opportunity overall-a leap of 70 spots from last year’s ranking.

Following a discussion on WSI’s continued growth as a leading Internet Solutions provider to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the interview centered on the evolution of the Internet from a cost-effective communication tool to an essential instrument of business in today’s global economy. McArthur described how e-Business has taken the world by storm, and outlined WSI’s vision of helping SMBs realize the many benefits offered by Internet technologies that are now well within their reach thanks to declining costs, a product of WSI’s efficient development system.

As explained by McArthur, companies who integrate e-Business technologies into their operations are experiencing significant cost savings and reaping big profits as a result, and WSI is at the forefront of this business model. WSI’s franchisees, known as Internet Consultants, help their business clients obtain a share of the profits available online by streamlining business operations, eradicating inefficiencies and implementing effective Internet marketing campaigns.

In addition to espousing the benefits of e-Business, McArthur described WSI’s focus on the future, particularly “e-World” technology and the new applications that are being developed and the major impact they will have on both business and domestic functions in the future.

To listen to the radio interview in its entirety click here.

About WSI WSI ICE is the world’s largest network of Internet Consultants with offices serving over 1000 local markets worldwide. Ranked the #1 Internet Services Business by industry-leading Entrepreneur magazine, our proven systems are used to deliver thousands of economical e-Business solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses annually.

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