Forecasting 2017 and Beyond: 5 Marketing Predictions (Marketing Automation, Analytics and more!)

What will happen in the marketing world during 2017? Here are our best guesses based on current trends and research:digital-marketing-automation-predictions

  1. Data Scientists and Data Analytics Specialist Jobs Will Continue to Grow – Data analytics has become crucial in aiding business growth, guiding decision-makers, and providing the biggest edge over the competitors.
  2. Influencer Marketing Will Gain a Foothold and Dominate 2017 – Not only can influencer marketing help you reach new audiences, but a trusted influencer can also lend credibility to your brand.
  3. More Small Businesses Will Embrace Marketing Automation – With plenty of versatile automation tools becoming available, small companies can also benefit from using both manual and automated marketing.
  4. Use of Video Marketing Will Reach New Heights – Thanks to social integration, video marketing is gaining a vital place in many marketing plans for engaging with customers.
  5. Machine Learning Will Continue to Increase – 2017 will see the increased use of AI to understand a user’s behavioral patterns and predict optimal engagement times.

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