Does Your Business Need Local Search Optimization?

An increasing amount of Internet users are turning to local search to find the businesses that are nearest them. In fact, Google estimates that 73% of all online activity is related to local searches. Undoubtedly, local search optimization has become a necessity for many businesses.

Optimize Your Business For Local Search

SEO-signThe majority of searchers use zip codes, as well as city and town names to localize results. We conduct research to identify the ideal local search terms, typically a combination of a location name and a type of service. Optimizing and localizing your website content should be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. The next step is to getting your business listed in local directories. We strive to ensure consistency throughout local business listings on various directories, which can also aid in improving your site’s ranking. Because businesses with more customer recommendations and reviews are considered more relevant in local search, we recommend that businesses encourage their customers to leave feedback on Google and other review sites.

Given the prevalence of local searches in today’s marketplace, taking the time to optimize your business for local search with WSI can contribute to increased business and revenue. Learn how WSI can help your business with local search optimization today. Call (610)650-0227.

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