Why Your Business Website Needs Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever wondered why some websites turn up at the top of any given search result while others are buried 10, 20, even 100 pages down? Savvy website creators use proven techniques to build websites that are highly visible to search engines, allowing the sites to achieve higher rankings. Techniques can be implemented on older websites, too, to boost their searchability. This complex set of techniques is referred to as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

seoAccording to VeriSign, over 1 million new Web addresses are registered every month–that’s over 40,000 per day. How do consumers find their way through all these sites? The answer is: search engines. Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are the big players in the search engine business and millions of people use them every day to find everything from stock tips to sports cars. Google alone boasts over 200 million searches every day, and that number keeps growing. One way to earn business away from the competition is to ensure that your website is one of the first your customer finds. Think about when you search for something using Google. Which results do you usually click on? Most likely on the first page, maybe on the second. If a site has relevant content and optimized landing pages, chances are you click-through on the first result. The point is, you rarely click on any links outside the top three, so that’s where the value lies for businesses.

Consumers demand only the most relevant results, so search engines are constantly changing and refining the way they capture and categorize information on the Web. Let’s go back to your Google search for a second. Whatever it is that you were looking for, you searched based on what made sense to you. Not everybody searches the same way, which means great SEO solutions are as much about searcher intent as they are about your business. The key is figuring out how your target audience perceives your business and then hypothesizing how that perception might manifest in their search queries. If you think that sounds like guesswork, then you’d be right.

Real SEO Solutions

WSI’s expert Internet Marketing Consultants monitor and stay abreast of the engines’ constantly evolving processes and implement techniques that promote top rankings for clients. The process of getting your site and content to the top of the search results is not as simple as choosing a word or phrase that best describes your business and optimizing for those terms. If only it were that easy. WSI’s SEO solutions include competitor analysis, keyword research, content audits and on-page optimization. This mix gives you the best shot at ranking for search terms that are relevant to your business and also backed up by real search data that suggest people are looking for you. We offer expert SEO services as part of your new Internet Solution, or as an upgrade to your existing website. Using Search Engine Optimization results in targeted, qualified prospects finding your website, resulting in more prospects that turn into your next life-long customers. To discuss a traffic and profit generating SEO program for your website, contact us today.

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