Customer Loyalty Program

WSI Integrated Ad Solutions offers a full service, Internet-based email marketing program that is designed to fit almost every small medium enterprise merchant’s customer loyalty and repeat business advertising needs that requires no investment in hardware, software or additional personnel on the merchant’s behalf.

Permission-Based Marketing and Loyalty Programs are sweeping the country

  • Over 5 million Small to Mid-Size Enterprises will be using permission base email marketing by 2007
  • Increasing repeat customers is your number one way to increase your profits… as much as 100%
  • Email – the simple, easy way to maintain contact with your top customers and offer value.
  • Easier – Our FULL SERVICE SOLUTION saves you time energy, and money, while building your most valuable business asset… a permission marketing list of your customers.
  • Get More for less…. response rates 20 – 30 – 40 times greater than traditional advertising.
  • No Hassle – all you do is collect names at all customers touch points, and supply simple business graphics and text…. WE DO THE REST….
  • Professional List Management – all undeliverable, and errant emails are regularly updated, your list remains accurate and powerful.
  • One-on-One Marketing – send your customers what they want, when they most need it.
  • Personalization – market research has proven the personalized, “in context” marketing returns the greatest results.
  • Automated Contacts _ send thank you offers on important birth dates and customer anniversaries.
  • Immediate Results – over 80% of your responses to a promotion will happen within 48 hours.

Why Choose the WSI Integrated Ad Solutions Program? 

  • Dedicated campaign managers for each client
  • List building programs for each client such as: web site integration, in-store registration, promotions, etc
  • Unlimited personalization technology for extreme targeting
  • Real time reporting: open rates, click thru rates, bounce back analysis
  • In-house creative for clients e-newsletters and e-postcards
  • Event triggered emails (birthday’s, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Dynamic message assembly
  • Dedicated ISP relations and mail box monitoring systems to insure the highest delivery rates
  • Unlimited database demographic and geographic segmentation filters
  • Database management including: list management, list hygiene and more
  • Proprietary software and hardware technology scalable to handle any level of clients

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