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Reveal the identity of your website visitors as they search your website with WSI’s Lead Forensics software solution. Business names, phone numbers, and website pages viewed are just a few of the insights that Lead Forensics can provide, along with the ability to improve ROI from your online marketing and lead generation activity. Using this information, Lead Forensics is able to assist businesses in targeting prospective sales leads more effectively and turn them into actionable sales leads. The Lead Forensics Lead Generation Tool not only shows who has visited on your website, it also comes with integrated lead generation tools. Make the most of your investments in generating website traffic with Lead Forensics.

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Key Features of the Lead Forensics Tool:

  • Access business contact and company details of your website visitors
  • Monitor existing customer activity
  • Create alerts for specific visitor activity on your website
  • Measure website traffic volume and sources
  • Find out which keywords led visitors to click on your website
  • Assign leads to sales teams
  • Integrate with LinkedIn Lead Forensics IP tracking technology to reveal even more information about your unknown website visitors
  • Enhance SEO and PPC outcomes

The Lead Forensics software is easily installed by adding a tracking code to your website. Then, users can access data through an online portal, or by integrating it with a CRM platform like Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. With the ability to concentrate marketing efforts on interested companies, your business can achieve higher conversion rates than ever. Lead Forensics provides a revolutionary way to follow up on website traffic. This new sales and marketing channel is sure to result in more business opportunities into your sales team, increasing your online ROI. Learn more about Lead Generation with Lead Forensics by contacting WSI today at (610)650-0227.

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