Buyer Persona Research

When it comes to developing a successful marketing campaign for your business, the first step involves identifying and understanding current and prospective customers. The team at WSI can help you to create buyer personas that pinpoint the specific needs, behaviors, and concerns of your ideal customers. Our research can provide actionable insight for use in customer acquisition and retention strategies.

What are buyer personas and why are they important for your business?

Buyer personas, also referred to as marketing personas, are fictional characters that represent generalizations of your ideal customers. A strong buyer persona is created based on market research (including demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals) and real data (like surveys and interviews) about your existing customers.buyer-persona

Depending on your industry and business, you might need just one or two personas, or as many as ten or twenty. Developing detailed buyer personas not only provides a better understanding of who your best customers are, but also guides us in creating highly targeted content to bring more ideal customers to your business.

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