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Entertainment comes in many forms, but movies and TV shows have probably been the leading form of pop-culture entertainment over the last 50 years. Maybe the reason is that video combines other mediums, like music, sound and writing into one super escape from reality. Whatever the case, moving pictures have and will continue to captivate us.

Okay okay, movies are cool, but how can video marketing help your business? If you need evidence of the power of video marketing, look no further than YouTube. Millions of videos are shared, linked to, and embedded in every corner of the Internet. People love watching videos, especially if they are funny or informative (and if the videos are both, you have a real winner on your hands).

Award Winning Content Video

The above WSI content marketing video recently won an award for Best Local Business Video. WSI creates content marketing videos for clients to engage their audiences and encourage interaction. Mary Stewart’s video for Stein Tree Services in Delaware recently won one of six awards for the best videos created using Content Samurai’s software. Watch the award winning video, and to learn how WSI Simply ROI can expand the reach of your business, contact one of our internet marketing consultants today!

The Power of Video

Video marketing capitalizes on the YouTube craze and gives businesses a popular medium to showcase their products or services, nudge customers in the direction of a purchase, help their SEO efforts and build an army of brand advocates. If businesses aren’t trying to create informative or useful videos with a twist of humor and character, they are missing out on a powerful way to engage their customers and increase conversions.

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