WSI Introduces Video Email Technology

WSI Internet Consulting & Education today announced their global multi-language video email product called WSI Live Video Email; opening up exciting and affordable multimedia marketing opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses.

WSI Live Video Email allows business owners to quickly and easily capture full-color video messages, using a Webcam and microphone, which can then be sent to any number of prospects via email from a Web-based Control Panel. In addition to the video message, the emails deliver a complete custom-branded experience by positioning ad graphics and hyperlinks for the business alongside the video. Business owners can also upload pre-recorded video to be used in their video email campaigns, leveraging off any existing video they may have already prepared.

“Video email has outstanding potential as a cost-effective marketing vehicle that cuts through the clutter and gets noticed,” states WSI President Ron McArthur. The impact of online video is up to four times greater than that of any other format. And, statistics show that Web users on average watch 21 seconds of a 30 second Web ad. These features sold us on the technology but as a global Internet service provider, it was particularly important that our video email suite support our global network of clients. We’re proud to offer our Internet Consultants and their clients with video email in multiple languages.”

Email, widely regarded as the Internet’s first “killer application” has long been used to send different files as attachments along with text messages. In fact, an estimated 30 billion emails are sent everyday and email penetration is at an all time high with 80% of active Internet users accessing email on a daily basis (Nielsen/NetRatings). But large file sizes and incompatible standards made sending video by email impractical. WSI Live Video Email solves this problem by using a multi-format encoding scheme that automatically converts each video into any of the leading video standards, such as Widows Media, QuickTime, RealPlayer and Flash.

Instead of sending the actual video file, the email contains a preview image and special link to the video file which is located on WSI’s streaming video server. When a recipient opens the video link, this server automatically detects which format the recipient is capable of viewing and serves the appropriate file.

Some of the technology highlights of WSI Live Video Email include:

  • Seamless integration with easy-to-use streaming video all from one inbox
  • Offers the strongest spam and virus protection filters available and is POP3 compliant
  • Deliverable in any media format (you no longer have to worry about deciding which movie player to prepare your video content in)
  • WSI’s transcoding server side appliance transforms the original video into multiple media formats
  • Available at high and low bandwidth-speed

By adding video to email marketing campaigns business owners can describe their products or services in a more dynamic way, using proven sales techniques like demonstrations and video testimonials from satisfied customers.

“It’s like putting an infomercial in their inbox,” explains Ron Adelman, a WSI Internet Consultant located in St. Louis, Missouri who has had great interest in the product from his client base.

And, with pricing that’s easily accessible to WSI’s target market of small to medium-sized businesses, WSI Live Video Email packages offer everything a business needs to create and manage multimedia marketing campaigns.

All customers need is an inexpensive Webcam and microphone. The Web-based WSI Live Video Email Control Panel works like popular email applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail and has many of the same features, like contact management, appointment setting and calendaring. It also has an easy step-by-step video recording “Wizard” to simplify the video production process and reporting views so business owners can track performance statistics for their campaigns.

“We’re always looking for innovative tools that can help our customers use the Internet more effectively,” adds McArthur. “WSI Live Video Email is the latest product in our interactive suite of services including WSI Live Video Conferencing and WSI Live Video on Demand for Websites.”

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